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In recent months our dependency on eCommerce businesses has soared. Even more of our business has been taken online with a 300% increase in online purchases. Now is a perfect opportunity for businesses to get online with a unique eCommerce website design. Here are a few of our top hints and tips. 
1. User Friendliness
Your website should be as user friendly as possible. To do this you should ensure least amount of checkout clicks, activate fast checkout and reduce on screen pop ups. Make sure your site is easy to navigate, the content is relevant and it's visually appealing! 
2. Minimalist Web Design
Minimalist websites are more visually appealing and appear more trustworthy. Keep the content sharp to what it needs to be. Avoid excessive amounts of text, photos and videos. Allow for white space with clearly positioned "Call to action" buttons. Keep it simple!
3. High Quality Photos
When people are shopping online they depend on high quality photographs to see what they are purchasing. If your website photographs don't show your products at their very best your conversions will be very low. If the manufacturer or supplier of your products doesn't supply suitable photographs it is worth hiring a product photographer.
4. Easy Navigation
Your customers shouldn't need a GPS to find their way around your eCommerce store.Your products should be easy to find by brand, use, department, colour and size etc.. If someone can't find what they're looking for quickly they will go somewhere else.
5. Product Filters
Certain stores benefit from the use of product filters. This allows customers to search for products that match their requirements and expectations. Filters such as size, colour, brand and type etc. allows customers to find the product they want quickly. This ties into easy navigation which results in higher conversions and more sales.
6. Company Information
Allow your customers to learn about your company and build their trust. Include information in relation to delivery and returns so customers know what to expect and what to do if they want to return a product. eCommerce Web Design are experienced in creating eCommerce websites. We can provide domain name registration, e-mail addresses, social media pages, responsive web design, graphic design and printing services.
eCommerce design packages start from €850 + VAT. Your local enterprise office are currently offering vouchers for 90% of eCommerce development costs up to a maximum grant of €2,500.
By claiming the full grant you could get services worth €2,777 supplied to you and all you'd have to pay is €277.
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