We want your finished product looking super! For this to happen we need excellent artwork. If you're supplying us with artwork we have a few specific requirements to ensure the best results for your products!
Each product has specific requirements we will go through the general ones here in some detail.
Bleed Area
The bleed is the area of your artwork that extends beyond the sized of the finished document. This prevents any white lines appearing in your product when printed. We recommend a bleed area of 3 mm at each side of your design.
Quiet Area
No text or images should be placed in the quiet area this is to ensure that no text or image gets cut or folded in the finishing process. We recommend a quiet area of 5 mm from the edge of the finished document size.
If you don't have bleed or quiet areas in your artwork please contact us so we can review it. 
File Type
Any finished artwork being sent to us for print should be sent to us as a print ready .pdf
No printers marks required.
Fonts embedded.
All spot colours & images converted to CYMK using Fogra 39 ICC colour profile.
Flatten transparencies.
Document orientation right reading.
Black text 100% Black.  Rich Black - large areas 100% black & 40% cyan.
Easily identified file name.
Single multiple page PDF, not in spreads.
White out text set to knockout, not overprint.
300 dpi. is the minimum resolution for print products. Anything below this will result in pixilation and a poor quality image.
Product Templates
Certain products on our website require specific templates. We will supply these to you after you order. If you wish we can send these templates to you before you order also. Just contact us and we'll be happy to send them to you.
Sending Us Your Artwork
If your artwork is too large to send via e-mail there are plenty of file sharing apps that can be used such as drop box. When you've completed your order on our website please send your artwork to Please include your order number when sending files to us. Save the artwork file as the product name and description that you have ordered.
In House Design Team
We are dedicated to producing high quality, eye catching and vibrant designs. Take the stress of worrying about bleed and quiet areas, resolutions and file types and get our resident experts to design your finished product. When you choose for us to design your products we will contact you to discuss your requirements. Our designers will create a design for your approval. We will amend any changes you request. Once you've approved your artwork we will then send for printing. 
Our design team can also create designs for sharing on digital and social media platforms.
If you've any further questions about any aspect of design and artwork we would love to hear from you. You can e-mail or phone 087 437 5260